Posted on September 30, 2021
Categories: Internal

The Academic Screeners app (formerly known as the “aimsweb-Star” app) in the QlikBAM Academics and Climate Stream now includes Star CBM participation data from the fall 2021 testing window. CBMs are included in two ways:

1) CBM participation is now tracked on the Subtest Participation page. Each required CBM is included, as well as a metric for the percentage of students completing all required CBMs. By default, only required CBMs are included, but you can use the selector in the top left to view all CBMs.

2) In grades K-2, participation in all required math CBMs will now allow a student to count in the participation rate. This is a substitute for the fact that there is no required math CAT in grades K-2.

CBM results are not yet available but should be included by the end of the window.

REMINDER: Since the Fall testing window is still in progress, schools are encouraged to focus on participation data, which can be found both in the Key Performance Indicator sheet and the Participation Rate Overview sheet. To view grade level and subgroup breakouts of participation data, you can use the Participation by Subgroups and Participation Details sheets.

Any questions or comments, please reach out to the District Performance Office at