Posted on October 13, 2021
Categories: Internal

Thank you for your support of last year’s District-Wide Surveys. Despite the challenging circumstances, over 95,000 students, teachers, principals, and families submitted responses!

The results from the survey are available in multiple formats:

School Summary Reports- 2 page pdfs are posted HERE, and will be available in your school plan folders.

Professional development opportunities around the survey results, especially as they relate to Goals and Guardrails, will be offered this Fall- including drop-in sessions with PESO on October 21.

NEW THIS YEAR! Funds are available in the form of “mini-grants” for schools to implement a project/approach that addresses an area for improvement for family engagement, as seen in DWS results. Examples could include a stipend for a school newsletter, refreshments or childcare for a parent meeting, or providing training/support around an area of concern for parents. If interested in receiving these funds ($500-$5,000) loaded directly into your school budget, please complete this brief google form by November 5th.

For more information, contact the District-Wide Survey Team at