The Office of Evaluation, Research, and Accountability (ERA) ensures the timely and appropriate use of relevant evidence (data, research, survey results, evaluation findings, etc.) within everyday decision-making at the District, school, and classroom level. Consisting of three specialized offices, ERA supports stakeholders and leaders within the District, as well as Philadelphia as a whole.

Our offices support, guide, and train principals and leadership teams through the use of data and state standards (via the Planning and Evidence-based Supports Office, or PESO), create District-wide data tools such as the School Progress Report (SPR) or QlikBAM interactive dashboards (via the District Performance Office, or DPO), and evaluate programs, initiatives, and interventions, as well as manage the proliferation of research partnerships across specialties (via the Office of Research and Evaluation, or ORE).

Additionally, ERA oversees principal training through Benchmarking, Analytics, and Management (BAM) meetings, as well as Intensive Focus (IF) sessions for leaders who need concentrated support.

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