The FACE Logo
The FACE of the School District of Philadelphia!

Our office is dedicated to creating and supporting partnerships among schools, families, and community. As a central resource for family engagement, FACE strives to engage and inform parent leaders and families as essential partners in helping students achieve academic proficiency, and college and career readiness.

Our primary focus will be on enhancing family engagement strategies to promote student achievement. Specific responsibilities include providing parents and families with the necessary resources to assist them to effectively perform as their children’s first teachers; supporting their advocacy as advisors and decision-makers in the practice and process of their child’s education; implementing strategies and systemic initiatives that improve the collaboration between families, schools and the community; creating learning opportunities and collegiate inquiry for parents, ensuring equity and access for all parents and families through multilingual programs; providing ongoing, differentiated and targeted professional and personal development through workshops and Family Academy; providing parents and families with reliable and transparent high quality educational services; and building effective and sustainable family, school and community partnerships