Family Academy Courses and Training – Request for Proposals 2021 – 2022

Family Academy: Courses and Training (FACT) OVERVIEW

The School District of Philadelphia (SDP) and the Office of Family and Community Engagement (FACE) are excited to announce the release of our Request For Proposal (RFP) for our Family Academy: Courses and Training (FACT) workshops for the 2021/22 school year.

By partnering with school district departments, academic institutions, community organizations and other agencies, FACT offers workshops designed to support and inspire parents and caregivers to become leaders and advocates for their child’s learning.  This results in greater school and community improvement.   Parents and caregivers are then able to transfer their learning to the home and support their children in fostering habits of good health and lifelong learning. FACT workshops offer a broad variety of topics and reach families citywide while helping build the capacity of parents and caregivers, enabling them to be actively engaged in their child’s education. The program aims to empower, engage and educate by providing training, resources, and access to skills and services to enhance their personal well-being and that of their family.

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Statement of Need

The School District of Philadelphia (SDP) is seeking Request for Proposals (RFP) from qualified bidders who have the  ability to develop and deliver workshop offerings for Family Academy: Courses and Training (FACT). Workshops must be designed to support the skills of parents and caregivers to understand what children are learning in schools, build capacity to advocate for children, and build upon their own skills for personal and professional growth.

For the 2021/22 school year, FACT will be operating in a virtual setting and all FACT workshop content should be prepared for a virtual setting. The format for this year will be as follows:

  • Each workshop will be presented live, twice on the same day, in the morning and evening to accomodate families. The morning session will be held at 10:00 AM (arrive at 9:45 AM) and in the evening at 6:00 PM (arrive at 5:45 PM)
  • Workshops will be offered December through May and will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays 
  • Workshop length will be required to be approximately 60 minutes in length including Q&A
  • The FACE office will support with scheduling your approved workshop and will create and provide you with the Zoom link to be used for the workshop

Vendors interested in providing a FACT workshop for the 21/22 school year will be required to complete the attached interest form.  If you are interested in proposing multiple workshop titles throughout the school year, you will be prompted to do so in the interest form. Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling, first come-first serve basis and will be selected based on the needs of our families. The proposal period will open beginning November 1st  and will end at 5 PM on November 29th. After submitting your interest form, we will contact you within three (3) weeks to alert you of your status.

All evening workshops will offer language interpretation, upon request, for the following languages: Arabic, Chinese -Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish. Language interpretation will be offered simultaneously in one of the interpretation channels offered by Zoom. Since we are offering simultaneous interpretation for our workshops, we require that all slides and materials that will be presented during the workshop be provided to our office no less than ten business days in advance of your scheduled workshop. This will ensure that our assigned interpreters will be able to familiarize themselves with the material prior to the start of the workshop, allowing them to provide a more accurate interpretation to our guests.   

All workshop presentations should be planned for 90 minutes and will be allotted as such: 

  • 15 minutes arrival prior to the workshop to ensure there are no technology issues
  • 60 minutes for presentation time including Q&A. 
  • 15 minutes scheduled at the end of the workshop in case it runs overtime or there is extended Q&A. 

Compensation for each workshop will be for a flat rate total of $300.00. The total for the two workshops in one day will be $600.00 and invoices should be submitted within 7 business days after the completion of the last workshop for the month. Invoices can be e-mailed to If you are submitting for multiple workshops offered on different days, please be sure to itemize your invoice. 

Monthly orientations will be provided introducing selected vendors to the FACT workshop process and what to expect on the day of  the workshop. Selected vendors will be notified of these dates as their presentation dates draws closer. Attendance by at least one presenter is required and will last about 30 minutes in length.   

In order to submit an interest form with an upload,  you must have a G-mail account. If you do not have a G-mail account, you will need to create one. Our document collection system is powered by Google and will not allow uploads if the user is not logged into their G-mail.  

Contractual Agreement

All contractors must adhere to the Limited Contract Agreement (LCA) or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) terms and conditions and sign a LCA or MOU. Terms of the LCA can be found HERE. The LCA will detail the agreement between The School District and the presenter/organization that includes presentation dates, and expectations for presenters, materials and outcomes. The LCA will also include any fees or costs associated with the delivery of learning sessions. 

The table below displays the six learning strands that we are seeking to address for the 21/22 school year.

RFP’s are required to address how your proposal supports family engagement in one or more of the strands below:

Navigating the School System

Offerings will help families support student learning in the home, better understand the District, and navigate policies and programs for their children.

Personal Growth and Development

Offerings will help families to grow personally and professionally, so they can enhance their own education and improvement.

Health and Wellness

Offerings will support information and activities to help families build healthy lifestyles physically, socially and emotionally.

Leadership and Advocacy

Offerings will provide tools and information that can empower families to become the most effective advocate for their children.

Effective Parenting

Offerings will provide approaches and assistance on issues commonly faced by parents.

Connecting with non-English Speaking Families

Offerings will support families of various language communities to gain English skills to support their children’s educational success.

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Thank you for your interest in FACT and helping build strong families. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Additional Questions

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