Volunteer Video Orientation

All volunteers will need to complete a Volunteer Orientation within 45 days of beginning to volunteer. This also applies to those who have volunteered in the district in previous years and did not complete a Volunteer Orientation. Volunteers have the option of completing a virtual Volunteer Orientation by taking ourĀ online webinar. Orientations are also provided in schools by Family Engagement Liaisons.

The Volunteer Orientation will cover general information about volunteer expectations and policies. Participants will also learn the basics of recognizing the signs of child abuse and what to do if a child exhibits these signs.

At the end of the Volunteer Orientation, participants will take a short quiz and upon passing will receive a Certificate of Completion. The Orientation takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Please watch the video to virtually take our Volunteer Orientation. At the end of the 45 minute training, please click the button below to take the quiz to receive your Certificate of Volunteer Orientation Completion. By clicking, you are affirming you have watched the video in its entirety.

Updated September 14, 2022