Information for Principals

Principals Are Our Partners

Principals play an important role in ensuring that all students have an ideal school food environment that includes offering breakfast before and after the bell, ample time to obtain and eat their meals, and assuring sales of non-compliant snacks and extra food are limited within the building.


The Division of Food Services is committed to working with schools and principals to help assure that all students have a chance to start their day with a healthy breakfast. The goal of your school is to serve at least 70% of the students in attendance breakfast each day.  We can help.  Reach out to your Field Supervisor to discuss ways we can support your school.

Interested in your breakfast program participation data? Click over to our breakfast page to see how your school stacks up to the rest.

 Food Fundraisers

Need to know the rules surrounding Fundraisers and Competitive Food Sales? Click here to learn more about the wellness policy and what documentation Principals are responsible for maintaining.

Foods not in compliance (competitive foods) with the Snack and Beverage Standards sold during the school day are limited by Federal Regulation and the District’s Wellness Policy approved by the Board.

Resources for Principals to Track Food Fundraisers-
You can devise your own system or use the temples linked here. Each school Principal or designee is responsible for having information about the food fundraisers available for the PA Department of Education. You must keep documentation for 3 years plus the current school year.

Food Fundraiser Documentation (HS) 9-12

Food Fundraiser Documentation (ES) K-8