Receiving Grants & Compliance Requirements

Grant dollars can make the difference between a good program and an exceptional program. Our goal is to make navigating the numerous requirements and processes for receiving a grant as accessible and transparent as possible for school personnel. There are different application requirements depending on the grantor. Requirements differ regarding where the money is deposited based on the amount received, and whether a School Reform Commission resolution is required to accept the funds. The answer to these questions will affect which central office(s) you have to contact.

In order to direct you to the help you need, we will:

  • Assess the situation and direct you to the optimal person for help
  • Walk you through the process and provide you the documentation and support required to complete your application
  • Follow your grant application through the submittal stages
  • Establish the budget and accounting codes, or help with the Student Activity Fund (as applicable)
  • Help you navigate the School Reform Commission grant acceptance process (when applicable)

If you need help or support of any kind, please contact:

Mike Sonkowsky, Deputy Chief Grant Development



Joe D’Alessandro, Deputy Chief of Grant Fiscal Services