School Organizational Changes

To support the mission of an excellent public school education for all children, the SGS process will determine the interventions needed to provide more students with access to great schools. Each year, the district will review school performance and determine if any school should be expanded. School expansions can occur in the following ways:

Grade Changes: High-performing schools may be selected for expansion by increasing the grade levels served. One example of this is Carver High School of Engineering and Sciences which was expanded to include a middle school increasing access to programming for many students.

Increase Enrollment: Schools may also expand by increasing the number of seats offered within the school. In order to meet this demand, a school may already have space available or receive an addition to their building. Holme and Mayfair are two examples of schools who will receive additions to increase official capacity numbers at their school.

School Relocation: Schools may be relocated to a different building in order to provide a stand alone location or to move students into a building with better facility conditions. Building 21 and Parkway Northwest are two high schools that have been recently relocated to provide each school with its own building.