2018-19 Focus Schools: Locke

Recommendation: Academic Improvement Plan

Beginning next school year, 2019-2020, Locke will receive additional funding and support to implement an Academic Improvement Plan that focuses on quickly creating better learning opportunities for students. Plans will be developed by the school principal and their planning team and include essential steps to enacting school improvement. Specifically, plans will include:

  • major challenges
  • root causes
  • a long-term improvement goal to becoming a model/reinforce school
  • compelling school vision, mission, core values
  • multi-year improvement overview
  • focused objectives in instruction and climate

The planning process will begin in February and continue through June.

Locke was designated a focus school because it meets the three basic criteria:

  1. The School Progress Report score (SPR) for the school has been in the lowest performance tier – Intervene – for three consecutive years.
  2. The three year SPR average for the school is less than or equal to 15.
  3. The school does not currently have a major intervention in place (such as the Acceleration Network, School Redesign Initiative, etc…)

For more information on Locke, including their newest SPR score, please visit the school profile page and search “Locke.”

Documents and Downloads

Presentations and other important materials will be posted here as soon as they are available.

Download Staff Presentation Here

Download Community Presentation Here

Download Feedback and Findings Presentation Here

Download School Quality Review Report Here

Download Focus Group Report Here

Download Recommendation Letter Here

Download Recommendation Presentation Here