School Organizational Changes

What are school organizational changes?

The District actively reviews its schools to identify ways to increase student access to high quality schools. Sometimes, increased access can be accomplished by changing the grade levels served by a school, changing the catchment zone a school draws from, or relocating a school to a different facility.

Other times, it may be wise or necessary to change a school’s name, to expand or shrink a catchment zone, to change admissions requirements, or to take other actions that affect the school.

Which schools have made changes recently?

Carver High School of Engineering and Sciences is one of the District’s highest performing schools.  In 2015, the school had additional space.  Working with the principal, the school community, and philanthropic partners, the District expanded Carver to include a middle school.  This increased access to the great programming at Carver for hundreds of students.

Recently, the District launched an exciting new program at Parkway Center City. Beginning this fall, the school launched a partnership with the Community College of Philadelphia that will provide Parkway Center City students with the opportunity to earn their associate’s degree while still in high school.  Because of this change, the District worked with the school community to change the name of the school to Parkway Center City Middle College.

Other recent organizational changes include:

Expansion of AS Jenks – The school was expanded by adding a 5th grade.  This expansion provided an additional year for students to continue attending the high performing school.

Relocations of Building 21 and Parkway Northwest High Schools –  The relocations of these schools provided a stand-alone space for each school to grow and allowed the District to use facilities that would otherwise have been vacant.


Why are these changes necessary?

Sometimes an organizational change allows more students to attend high performing schools.  The expansion of Carver High School of Engineering and Sciences is an example of this.

Other organizational changes may be necessary for a number of reasons, including enrollment increases or declines, facility conditions, or changes in a school’s programming.


What is the process and timeline for making changes?

When a change is necessary or desirable, the District will work with the school leaders and school community to create a plan to effectively manage the change. Oftentimes, changes require approval from the Board of Educators.  In those cases, the District presents the rationale and need for the change to the commission for a public vote.

Whenever possible, changes are announced and approved far in advance so that families, students, and staff have enough planning time to effectively make decisions and implement the change.