School Redesign

What is the School Redesign Initiative?

The School Redesign Initiative (SRI) is a call to our talented, committed educators to lead the critical work of redesigning our city’s neighborhood schools to meet the demands of the 21st century. The SRI is an important lever for creating school improvement opportunities: it focuses on improving academic outcomes for 21st century learning, and increases equitable access to high-quality learning environments.

Through the SRI, the District invites local school communities and partners with a talent and passion for school improvement to submit proposals for school redesign.  Exceptional applicants will leverage advances in research, technology, and practice to create innovative design ideas that engage all students in 21st century learning. The strongest teams will be selected to re-imagine their schools.  Selected teams spend a year working with leading educational experts and with the local school community to tailor the academic program to students’ needs.


Why is there a School Redesign Initiative?

The School District of Philadelphia is committed to building and launching innovative educational experiences for students.  Our teachers, school leaders and community partners have great ideas for improving the learning experience.  The School Redesign Initiative allows the District to identify those great thinkers and their impactful ideas.  With the funding and technical support provided by the School Redesign Initiative, the District is empowering its talented educators and partners to innovate and improve school performance.


Which schools have participated in the School Redesign Initiative?

There are currently eight schools implementing their redesign models in the District.  The schools are spread across the city, with sites spanning from the Southwest to the Northeast, and from Center City to the Northwest.

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