School Redesign: Hancock-LaBrum Campus

John Hancock Elementary – LaBrum Campus

Grades: 6-8
Enrollment: 223
Location: Northeast Philadelphia; 10800 Hawley Rd, 19154
Proposal Synopsis: The LaBrum Campus of John Hancock Elementary School is seeking to develop an inquiry-driven, project-based learning model grounded in a set of core values for learning

Vision: LaBrum aspires to create productive global minded citizens by providing an inclusive safe student centered learning environment where learners are empowered and held accountable for demonstrating meaningful learning and understanding through inquiry driven project based learning opportunities in a culture of care. Our mission is to foster productive caring citizens by utilizing inquiry driven, project based learning opportunities through the core values of inquiry, collaboration, investigation, and reflection.

The Design Year: The team at LaBrum engaged in a partnership with Inquiry Schools – a professional organization founded by the leaders and partners of Science Leadership Academy – to train staff in the implementation of an inquiry-driven, project-based learning pedagogy, and to develop related curricular materials. Additionally, the team began the work of redesigning physical spaces in the building to create spaces that are more conducive to student collaboration, presentation of work, and student creative invention.  One of the spaces the school began outfitting is a maker-space that will provide students with both the support and tools to creatively imagine, design, and prototype inventions of their own making.

Year One of Implementation: The school implemented its newly designed instructional approach, complete with curricular changes, changes to instructional approach, and advisory periods.  As the school enters its second year of implementation, the maker space renovation is nearing completion, and programs will soon be able to take place in the redesigned space.  Additionally, the school continues to explore partnerships with nearby schools to provide increase access to their inquiry-based learning program.