School Redesign: Mayfair

Mayfair Elementary

Grades: K-8
Enrollment: 1,440
Location: Northeast Philadelphia; 3001 Princeton Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19149
Proposal Synopsis: To develop a true international school that provides a rigorous International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum for all students and that exposes students to international perspectives through curriculum, assessment, and abroad experiences.

Vision: Mayfair’s mission is to expose its students to educational opportunities grounded in multiculturalism in order to develop all students as critical thinkers with a global perspective while providing a safe, nurturing learning environment and building leadership capacity.

The Design Year: The design team at Mayfair worked with all school staff members to map out a series of professional learning opportunities that would prepare teachers at every grade level to implement a rigorous IB program for all students.  Staff conducted numerous school visits and participated in conferences in many cities in the region and across the country.

In addition, the team researched and began putting into motion plans for developing a study abroad experience that will be a core element to the school’s vision of internationalism.  The team met with school leaders and district leaders who have implemented similar programs to learn from their experience.

The team also worked to develop a set of project-based assessments that it would use to monitor students’ progress toward the school’s goal of developing internationally-minded critical thinkers.

The team recently began implementing their model starting in the Fall of 2017.