What is 9th Grade Academy?

What is 9th Grade Academy?

This is our holistic approach to making sure that incoming 9th graders transition successfully and are set up to be successful. This is not just for the 9th grade year, but the next 4 years ahead.

How Does 9th Grade Academy Work?

9th Grade Academy is here to provide what we know works for students…to have a sense of connection to a larger community, which has shown to improve academics and enjoyment of the high school experience.

What Does that Look Like?

We combine many different resources and services, to help ensure the foundation is strong for building a community, dedicated leadership and ongoing supports, specific to 9th graders. Setting them up for success for years to come.

Freshman Orientation:
An opportunity for students to meet their classmates, teachers, leadership and become familiar with the school before school even begins.

Academy Leadership:
An Assistant Principal dedicated to ensuring that all parts of the 9th grade year run smoothly. He or she knows each student personally, builds and fosters relationships between students and teachers, monitors classes, and uses data to ensure each student stays on track.

Academy Space:
A dedicated space inside the high school, where 9th grade classes and teachers are housed. That’s different in different schools but it might mean 9th grade classes are all held near each other, and/or all 9th graders eat lunch together.

Academy Staffing:
Core teachers who specifically teach 9th grade classes, and work with each other to support students across subject areas.

Academy Scheduling:
Customized scheduling for students so they’re in classes that fit their levels of learning. That includes focusing coursework, right from the get-go, to lead students appropriately and successfully to whatever they want to do next, whether that’s CTE (Career and Technical Education) opportunities, internships, Advanced Placement courses or career-focused core classwork.

Freshman Seminar:
A course specific to issues that face 9th graders including the transition from middle school, the freedoms and responsibilities of high school, successful completion of courses, early college and career exposure, goal-setting, and academic advising to ensure students are on track not only for 9th grade but for all of high school.

Common Planning Time:
Teachers gather weekly to discuss students, and instructional plans to ensure they’re providing the best support for all learners.