Laptop Drop-off Center

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday  9:00AM – 5:00PM

The Laptop Drop-off Center follows the 440 Central Office Calendar in regards to holidays.

Please note:

  • Devices will be visually inspected to determine if they are eligible for warranty repair.
  • There is no immediate repair service for drop-offs, all requests are taken in a “first come, first served basis”.
  • The Laptop Drop-off Center does not accept Desktop Computers, please call the IT Help Desk and open a work ticket to have a Regional Technician schedule a site visit.
  • The Laptop Drop-off Center does not repair personal devices even if they are utilized for work.
  • The Laptop Drop-off Center does not provide replacement and/or loner equipment.
  • The Laptop Drop-off Center is not responsible for backing up data.  Make sure to back up your drive prior to dropping off your device.