Growth Mindset Focus

Core Values: All students can and will grow. We are a learning organization.

Growth mindset is the understanding that human abilities and intelligence can be developed. This is different from fixed mindset, the belief that intelligence is static and cannot be developed.

At the School District of Philadelphia, we believe that all students can learn. We know that integrating a growth mindset at the school and classroom level can raise test scores and help close the achievement gap. In highly effective organizations, individuals who embrace growth mindset exhibit behaviors that show they believe they can continually learn, grow, and improve as they strive to meet their personal as well as academic and instructional goals.

Our core values focus on the concept that all students can and will grow, and that the District is a learning organization. To meet our goals, we must not only embrace a growth mindset in our core values, but also in our daily interactions, choices, and work habits.

Over the next two years, professional development for school leaders and central office leadership will be aligned to achieve the District’s anchor goals and grounded in a growth mindset approach.

Together, school and central office leaders will be provided opportunities to reaffirm growth minded practices we are already using and shift fixed-minded practices to promote collaboration, learning, and growth in the future.