Leadership Pathways

The School District of Philadelphia is determined to set a vision of excellence for leadership for individuals at every stage of their careers.

The Office of Talent has created an internal task force that will create an aligned vision for leadership pathways and competencies at the School District of Philadelphia. The Task Force will think strategically and collaborate to design and implement competencies, role responsibilities, and a career pathway that promotes strong leadership at each career milestone.

The Task Force will accomplish the following as it creates the strategy, systems, and structures needed to implement the vision for Leadership Pathways at SDP.

  • Develop clear competencies, skills, and behavioral indicators for leadership roles in SDP (i.e., teacher-leader, assistant principal, principal, system-level leader).
  • Determine the career pathways, including the essential strategic experiences, for movement between roles and levels of administration.

The competencies, indicators, and career pathways will improve the District’s ability to recruit, develop, and retain highly qualified teachers, school leaders, and District leaders, as part of Anchor Goal 3 – 100% of schools will have high-quality teachers and leaders.