Principals & Assistant Principals

Great school leaders articulate a clear vision of success, ensure that vision is shared by all teachers, and support teachers in realizing that vision. Our programs provide principals and assistant principals with the targeted support they need to build great schools in the city of Philadelphia.

New Principals’ Academy

The New Principals’ Academy prepares first and second year principals with the necessary skills, talents, and resources to lead in Philadelphia.

Every principal who is new the role or new to The School District of Philadelphia receives

  • leadership coaching
  • support from the New Principals’ Academy Director and an experienced principal mentor
  • development at monthly New Principals’ Academy meetings and team retreats
  • learning network support, which includes targeted learning walks with assistant superintendents

Professional Development Meetings

Our principals and assistant principals meet during the summer and frequently throughout the school year to receive leadership development and collaborate with their colleagues. Our goal for professional development for school leaders is to ensure that academic, operational, and leadership development for assistant superintendents, principals, and assistant principals is aligned in order to achieve the District’s ambitious anchor goals. We do all of our work with a focus on growth mindset.