ACCESS for English Learners (ELs) is a federally mandated test for English Learners. 

The assessment schedule for 2017-18 SY is available here. PowerPoint from ACCESS 2.0 Online Coordinator Training is available here.

For all required actions related to ACCESS Testing, please download the 11/27/17 memo here.

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Elementary students playing with flashcards

WIDA Screener and EL Reports

1. Run a list of ESOL students

Stepper for “LEP Student Listing Report”

2. Identify students to be tested based on their Home Language

Stepper for “LEP New Enrollments Report”

Note to Kindergarten teachers: If this report is not available, please refer to the Home Language Survey in the EH-40 and contact families if you need further clarification on the student’s first language.

3. Administer ESL Placement Test

WIDA Screener Materials Stepper and WIDA AMS Stepper (for the online test only)

Note to Kindergarten teachers: Please refer to the KW-APT Flowchart Revised 9.13.17 to assign a placement score.

4. Enter placement scores into Infinite Campus

SIS Initial Placement Stepper

Note: Secretaries will follow steps 1 and 2, and ESOL teachers will complete steps 3 to 6.

5. Send notification letters to parents


Last modified: October 27, 2017