One responsibility of the EL Point Person is leading key compliance processes:

Reclassification: Per the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) ELs who meet the ACCESS (or Alt ACCESS) criteria and who have sufficient evidence from school are reclassified (exited) from the English as a Second Language (ESL) Program. There are two sub-processes here:

  • General Reclassification
  • Dual-Identified Reclassification (for ELs with IEPs)

General Reclassification:

  • In order to be considered for reclassification, an EL must demonstrate the ability to access challenging academic content and interact with other students and teachers both academically and socially in an English language setting.
  • Evidence of this ability is demonstrated by the ACCESS test overall score and language use inventories (rubrics 1 and 2) completed by teachers.

Dual-Identified Reclassification (ELs with IEPs):

  • ELs with IEPs whose ACCESS or Alternate ACCESS scores have decreased or plateaued over the course of two or three years — indicating that they may no longer be benefitting from ESL programming — are eligible for dual-identified reclassification.
  • Final dual-identified reclassification decisions are determined by ACCESS or Alternate ACCESS results and a school-based team’s recommendation.

Maintaining EL Data: 

  • Correcting Certify errors in Infinite Campus
  • Maintaining EL Data Envelopes

Monitoring of Former ELs: Per PDE Guidelines, ELs who have been reclassified need to be actively monitored for two years. This process involves reviewing reclassified students’ progress in core academic classes, and making sure these students are not struggling.

Below you will find instructions and resources for completing each process.


General Reclassification

General Reclassification Info SY21-22

Dual-Identified Reclassification

Dual-Identified Reclassification Info SY21-22:

Maintaining EL Data

One way EL Points help ensure EL Data is accurate is to help correct errors in Infinite Campus data through Certify. Certify is a data quality initiative that helps ensure correct data, since the data entered for each EL impacts instruction, resource allocation, and accountability. The EL Points will receive an email notification when an EL at their school is missing a key data point.

Another way EL Points maintain EL Data is by maintaining the EL Data Envelopes. Here’s a table below on what goes into the EL Data Envelopes:

Identification- WIDA Screener results
- EL Entry Notification letter or Not EL Notification letter
- Opt-Out Documentation (if applicable)
- Change of Status Letter (if applicable)
ACCESS- Annual ACCESS for ELLs® results (Student Individual Report)
- Reclassification Language Use Inventories (Rubrics 1 and 2)
- Dual-Identified Reclassification Student Input Form*
- Reclassification Letter
- Compelling Evidence Form (if applicable)
*Accompanying evidence should be filed in student’s Special Education Confidential file
Monitoring of Former ELs- Year 1 and Year 2 Monitoring of Former ELs Forms
- Re-designation Form (if applicable)

Monitoring of Former ELs