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Our dedicated staffers strongly believe linguistic and cultural diversity are valuable assets to all schools.

The multilingual assessment center at 440 North Borad Street


Administrative Office:

The OMCP team is ready to support educators with English Language instructional resources, and to help students and parents as they settle into their new homes and schools.

The School District Education Center
440 North Broad Street
2nd Floor, Portal C-Suite 251
Philadelphia, PA 19130-4015
Phone: 215-400-4240 (Option 2)
Fax: 215-400-4282

Office-based Staff at Suite 251:

Position Title Name
Deputy Chief Allison W. Still
Director Patricia Ryan
Confidential Secretary Zoraida R. Olmo
Curriculum Development Specialist Dr. Donna Sharer
Curriculum Development Specialist Adam Rothstein
Curriculum Development Specialist Santiago Sánchez
Project Manager Julie Lenard-Palmer
Project Manager Sarah Magnelia
Special Projects Assistant II Kenneth Ramos
Special Projects Assistant II Maria Giraldo Gallo

Our Multilingual Managers:

2018-19 Networks Name
Networks 1, 3 & 5 Iliana Acevedo
Networks 2 & 4 Heather Mizrachi
Networks 6, 7 & 10 Maria Alessandra Villella
Networks 8, 12 & 13 Benaline O. Baluyot
Networks 9, 11 & Acceleration Aaron MacLennan

*The point of contact for the Innovation and Opportunity Networks is Director, Patricia Ryan.


The Multilingual Assessment Center (MAC):

The Multilingual Assessment Center (MAC) focuses mainly on enrollment and assessment of students whose primary language is other than English.

The School District Education Center
440 N. Broad Street, 1st Floor, Portal C – Suite 1058
Philadelphia, PA  19130
Phone: 215-400-4240 (Option 1)
Fax: 215-400-4048

MAC Staff at Suite 1058:

Position Title Name
Coordinator Dr. Debra Green
Special Projects Assistant II Michelle Quach
Special Projects Assistant Jhoanna Urena


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Last modified: October 17, 2018