It is the shared responsibility of all educators in The School District of Philadelphia to foster and support EL’s academic learning and provide opportunities for English language development.

Below you will find scheduling and rostering directives to ensure compliant program models and instructional strategies to support your instruction of ELs in grades K-8 and grades 9-12. To the right, you can find links to access curriculum resources to support instruction.

Grades K-8

Collaborative ELD Framework must inform instruction for ELs.

Master Schedule Guidelines:

  • Total ELs in a classroom must be less than 50%
  • Maximize co-teaching opportunities
  • Stagger the literacy component start times to allow for small group instruction facilitated by the ESL teacher
  • Consider ELD co-teaching/push-in during social studies and science

Grades 9-12

OMCP HS ESL Course Rostering Guidance

The ELD Course Sequence for 9-12 must inform instruction for ELs.

  • Roster fewer students in ELD 1 and ELD 2 at the start of the year to allow for continuous enrollment.
  • ESL teacher must teach a full course-load and not perform non-EL functions
  • Co-teaching models must be approved by OMCP