Reading, Writing, and Language support students learning in the four language domains, reading and writing strategies, vocabulary and grammar, and critical thinking. The curriculum includes informational text and multicultural and contemporary literature, poetry, poems and classical literature.  Students encounter texts that are age appropriate, with grade-level complexity. Units also include “close reading” excised to support students in deep reading of complex texts.  Additionally, each unit has multiple short writing opportunities and in-depth writing projects including argumentative, expository and narratives tasks.

9-12 Course Sequence

ELD Levels 1-2:

Optional electives for level 1 and 2 students, like Linguistic Development and Language of Math, are recommended for students with interrupted formal schooling and/or newcomers.

Senior Seminar / Capstone:

  • Recommended for all English Language seniors regardless of ACCESS level.

Cross Curricular Language Development:

  • The optional elective for Level 3 students who have been in an ESL program for more than four years is Cross Curricular Language Development