Use resources on this page to support your instruction of ELs. Here is a description of a few key resources below. Use the sidebar for quick links to resources.

Note: See Guidelines for ESL Programming During Remote Learning for guidelines on EL identification, scheduling, instruction, parent communication, assessment, MTSS, and for a complete listing of PDs offered by the Office of Multilingual Curriculum and Programs.

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Instructional Values and Promising Practices

We will…

  1. Sustain academic rigor
  2. Hold high expectations: high challenge, high supports
  3. Engage all students in quality interactions
  4. Sustain a language focus
  5. Develop and deliver quality lessons

The  five values detailed in the Instructional Values and Promising Practices are aligned to the Danielson Framework, and are what we look for in all classes (both content and ESL) that support ELs. Together they provide high impact on outcomes for English Learners (ELs). Teachers can use this tool to identify steps towards making their instruction more effective for ELs.  This tool can also be used to guide and inform instructional feedback. For supports or suggestions in any of these areas, contact OMCP at mulltilingual@philasd.org.

Go To Strategies

The 78 Go To strategies described have been chosen to reflect the five research-based principles of scaffolded instruction for English language learners outlined below.

  • Focus on academic language, literacy, and vocabulary;
  • Link background knowledge and culture to learning;
  • Increase comprehensible input and language output;
  • Promote classroom interaction; and
  • Stimulate higher order thinking and the use of learning strategies.

Can Do Descriptors

The Can Do Descriptors highlight what language learners can do at various stages of language development as they engage in the following contexts:

  • K-12 English language development
  • K-12 Spanish language development

 Online Resources in Learners’ Mother Tongues/Heritage Languages

This online resource hub provides links to sites around the world that have made available digital reading materials. The web sites here provide access to a range of easily downloadable materials in hundreds of languages spoken around the world.

Lesson Design in Three Moments

This guide synthesizes a collection of language-rich tasks within the Three Moments lesson design frame (van Lier, Walqui, 2010).

Additional Instructional Resources