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Results of the WIDA screener will determine whether the ESOL program is right for your student.

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The Multilingual Assessment Center (MAC) provides assessment of English language proficiency for students whose primary language is other than English. The MAC also evaluates students’ educational background to determine equivalency to school systems in the United States.

During the enrollment process, the Multilingual Assessment Center evaluates students’ English language skills with the goal of placing them in the most helpful and appropriate learning environment. The MAC also reviews student’s foreign transcripts (high school) to determine equivalent credits.

When families arrive at the MAC, they fill out a general application to school and an Education History form. The general application to school has a short list of questions about which language a child speaks best. If the child’s primary language is other than English, the child will be tested for English language proficiency in four areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Results of these measures will determine which, if any, ESOL program is right for your student.

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WIDA Screener and EL Reports

Last modified: October 30, 2017