Reminder about English Learner (EL) Enrollment and Identification Process at School:

  • Please make use of Pacific Interpreters (the district’s telephonic interpretation service) to communicate with multilingual students and their families during the enrollment process
  • Multilingual students who arrive at the neighborhood school for the purpose of enrollment must be allowed to enroll at the school and cannot be turned away and/or told to enroll elsewhere
  • Students are expected to be enrolled in school before taking the EL Placement test (WIDA Screener or W-APT).  Enrollment and placement in school cannot be postponed or delayed due to language screening needs or lack of previous school records.

What is the MAC?

The Multilingual Assessment Center is ready to help new multilingual students navigate the enrollment system. We serve immigrants, refugees and students who speak a language other than English. For enrollment, the MAC will evaluate students’ educational history and English language skills via the Student Education History, Home Language Survey, and W-APT (for Kindergarten) or WIDA Screener.

Enrollment can occur at any time during the school year, either at the neighborhood school or at the MAC.

*The Previous Schooling Form is available in Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Khmer, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese

Where do parents/guardians enroll their students?

  • At their neighborhood school. 
  • At the Multilingual Assessment Center (MAC) located at The Education Center (440 N. Broad Street- 1st Floor – Portal B – Suite 1058)

When should the parent/guardian go to the MAC?

  • Give us a call at 215-400-5459 to know the purpose of your visit and better address your needs
  • No appointments for registration are necessary. Walk-ins are welcome, but subject to availability
  • When planning your visit, please keep in mind that the waiting time is at least 2 hours per child

What do you need?

  • Parents must bring the following required documents with them for registration:

§ Proof of Age of your child-Acceptable documentation includes:

  • Child’s original birth certificate (original or notarized copy)
  • Child’s valid passport
  • Notarized statement from the parents or another relative indicating the date of birth
  • Prior school records indicating the date of birth

§ Immunization Record

  • Exemption from immunization: Written medical and religious exemptions to getting immunized may be accepted

§ Two (2) Proofs of Address-Acceptable documentation includes:

  • Original lease with name(s) of parents/legal guardians and children
  • Current utility bill (gas, electric, cable, telephone)
  • Current credit card bill
  • Recent vehicle registration
  • Valid driver’s license or change of address card with your current address
  • Valid DOT identification card
  • Recent bank statement with current address