Policy 138

Policy 138 guides the English Language Development and Bilingual Education programs in the School District of Philadelphia (SDP). SDP shall provide a culturally and linguistically appropriate planned instructional program for English Learners (ELs), which builds on students’ home language and culture. ELs shall be identified, assessed and provided an equal opportunity to participate in instructional programs with equal access to educational programs and extracurricular activities. Policy 138 contains the following components:

  • Identification, Placement, and Notification
  • Programming
  • Equitable Access
  • Evaluation and Accountability
  • Parent, Family, and Community Engagement

April 2021 Community Meetings

Policy 138 Meetings will be held on via Zoom on Tuesday, April 20 and Thursday, April 22nd from 5-7 pm.

September 2019 Community Meetings

In September 2019, the School District of Philadelphia (SDP) hosted three community meetings on Policy 138: English Language Development and Bilingual Education. Meetings were held at South Philadelphia High School, Kensington Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) High School, and Lincoln High School.

Teachers, parents, and community members were encouraged to attend the meetings. In total, there were 61 meeting attendees. A summary of meeting attendees by meeting location and role is included below:

Each meeting was also attended by nine to ten staff from SDP’s Office of Multilingual Curriculum and Programs (OMCP). Bilingual Counseling Assistants (BCAs) from SDP’s Office of Family and Community Engagement (FACE) were also in attendance, and provided interpretation services when needed.

The objectives of SDP’s September 2019 meetings were to: 

  1. Reflect on and share the progress made on the implementation of Policy 138 in the 2018-19 school year, and
  2. Receive feedback on SDP’s programming and services from families, community members, educators, and other stakeholders.

In order to meet these objectives, meetings were divided into two sections: a ~25 minute presentation led by OMCP staff, and ~40 minute round table discussions facilitated by OMCP staff. A video recording of the presentation is below, and here is a copy of the meeting slide deck.

Find notes from round table discussions here, with participants’ names removed. Edits were also made for clarity and brevity.

At the end of each meeting, OMCP administered a paper survey to evaluate the success of each meeting. A summary of survey responses is also included in the notes document.

Have additional feedback? Fill out our anonymous form here. 

The School District of Philadelphia is also guided by federal and state policies. See a list below, and find more details in the English Learner Handbook and Administrative Procedures.

Federal Policies:

State Policies: