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District educators must follow multiple directives established by the state and by the School Board. These include guidelines on rostering, record retention protocols and EL identification.

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EL Identification and Claiming Process

To learn about the enrollment process, first refer to Our Policies (Enrollment of Students, Circular 24 P.S. §13-1301 – §13-1306). In page 3, you can find the items which may not be requested (as a social security number, a child’s or parent’s visa, or agency records). A child’s right to be admitted to school may not be conditioned on the child’s immigration status. A school may not inquire regarding the immigration status of a student as part of the admissions process. Second, refer to the documents contained in the “WIDA Screener and EL Reports” page below for detailed procedures:

WIDA Screener and EL Reports

Rostering Guidelines

Grades K-8

For ESL Scheduling and Instructional Materials: K-8, please refer to the ESL Program Implementation K-8 and the Framework for ELD Instruction K-8.

Grades 9-12

Refer to the Policy Statement for High School English Learner (ELs) Rostering, or visit our “Planning Resources for High School” page below for more details:

High School (grades 9-12)

Last modified: April 11, 2018