Transcript Reviews and Language Waivers


The MAC reviews foreign high school transcripts and awards credits. We process transcripts in the order which they are received, prioritizing seniors. Please allow 2-4 weeks for 12th graders and 6-8 weeks for all other students.

Email all foreign transcripts to:

Email format:

Subject: Student ID#, grade level (ex. 9876543, 12)

Attachment: Scanned Transcript*

*If the school year is not on the scanned transcript, please handwrite it on (for example, 2021-2022).

  • Transcripts for foreign exchange students will not be processed. Any credits earned as an exchange student, while attending a School District of Philadelphia high school, will be sent back to the home school with other school records.

Guidelines for Core Credits:

–> No more than eight credits awarded per school year, which includes:

  • Math:  1 credit per year
  • Science:  1 credit per year
  • English:  1 credit per year
  • Social Studies:  1 credit per year
  • Up to four additional credits in other areas, as described on the transcript

Note:  ½ credits will not be awarded in core courses

Language Waivers

Here is the new Language Waiver Google Form, which replaces the old World Language Waiver form you would email previously. Please submit one google form for each student. DO NOT SEND DUPLICATES!

When you submit this form, make sure the student fits the requirements. Students must meet all three of the following criteria to qualify for the waiver:

• Initial enrollment from another country in 7th grade or above
• Six years of prior education in a language other than English
• Qualify for EL services at the beginning of 9th grade

Do NOT submit a language waiver request for students who were enrolled in a District School in 8th grade. These language waiver requests are processed, centrally, at the MAC.

Schools should verify that all of the following information provided is accurate before submitting it. By submitting this request, you are acknowledging that the principal has approved it.

To verify whether a student has received a language waiver, please follow this stepper.