What We Do

We understand that many different factors play a role in influencing the decisions our students and families make about nutrition and physical activity. While there are unique aspects and a variety of approaches to how each Eat Right Philly provider delivers programming, we all work toward the same SNAP-Ed goals by performing similar activities:

Photo of students graduation the Eat The Alphabet Program

Educating students and families about eating healthy and being active

Students posing in their school garden

Supporting schools in creating healthy environments

Photo of a staff member handing off a box of fresh produce to a community member

Improving access to healthier choices in communities

A variety of factors influence the decisions our students and families make about nutrition and physical activity. We address those factors by delivering programming at the individual, school, and community levels.

Check out our FrameWork Handout illustrating how we deliver and distribute our programming.

“The Eat Right Now program has offered my kindergarten students an opportunity to try healthy and nutritious foods and snacks that they may not normally be exposed to in their homes. The lessons are quick and effective. In addition, the ‘Eat the Alphabet’ program helps to reinforce letter recognition skills. Finally, the programs supports our school’s agriculture program giving children lessons on where their food comes from and the importance of eating a healthy variety of foods”.

– Mrs. Durkin, Fox Chase Elementary

” The Eat Right Philly nutrition education lessons are very successful at engaging the students and getting them to think about good nutrition and health!”

– SDP Teacher

“It is by far our favorite hour of the month. As a teacher I love the ability to make cross curricular connections through our Nutrition lessons.”

– SDP Teacher


“I don’t know where to begin. My students and I love every aspect of our Nutrition Education lessons. What I think is most beneficial (besides the yummy recipes) is that 10 and 11 year olds are at the perfect age for learning the importance of a well balanced diet. The meals they get to participate in making and also enjoy show them the detail but yet the ability to really plan for a meal. It’s important for children to see that the ability to organize healthy ingredients and cooking safely can be done at home with their families during a time when we know so many families depend on fast food and take out.”

– SDP Teacher

“The Eat Right Philly program has inspired my students and I to rethink our classroom rewards and birthday treats. We’ve used some of Miss Leigh Anne’s suggestions as we now keep lots of healthier choices around the classroom than sweets including sugary candy and chocolate. We keep string cheese and apple sauce pouches on hand and one student recently chose to bring fruit kabobs for her celebration over the typical cupcake.”

– SDP Teacher