The EAT.RIGHT.NOW. Program provides Philadelphia School District schools with the opportunity to discover where our food comes from through various gardening activities and farm trips.

EAT.RIGHT.NOW. will provide an opportunity for students in select schools and their caregivers to travel to local farms through partnerships with Solly Brothers Farm, Fox Chase Farm and Farm Explorers. In addition, EAT.RIGHT.NOW. will work with school staff and administration to support school gardening efforts so that students and provide gardening materials and trainings.

EAT.RIGHT.NOW. will collaborate with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to provide a Green City Teachers Training to schools interested in gardening efforts. This three day course provides teachers with training and support materials to create and maintain a school garden.

EAT.RIGHT.NOW. will collaborate with GreenFutures, the District’s Sustainability Plan committee to focus on School Greenscapes, which aims to increase outdoor learning environments and play areas. Greenscapes provides opportunities for edible gardens and hands-on, project-based gardening lessons.