Posted on April 21, 2021
Categories: Environmental

The A-Team Supervisor was introduced in our last article, and this new organization style is already paying dividends. The A-Team has one point of contact; John is able to organize and schedule each member of the team and efficiently report their progress out to others from a centralized hub. The A-Team is working in our buildings every night, and on weekends, to provide a safe and improved space for teachers to teach and students to learn.

The A-Team has completed approximately 770 individual projects since January, across hundreds of our schools. The projects would include the encapsulation and/or removal of asbestos containing material (ACM), the abatement of mold, and the re-insulation of exposed pipes with fiberglass. The A-team has also instituted a new practice of installing PVC protection sleeves around pipe insulation (asbestos or fiberglass) in our buildings. They are utilizing the time it takes to perform air sampling to provide this added service.

Top Row (left to right) Jonathon Bartivic, James Williams, Christopher Lynch, Albert McDonough, Robert Arant, Scott Rooney, and John McCready

Bottom Row (left to right): Shannon Pressey, Micheal Joseph, John Truesdale, Julio Candelaria, Danielle Minor, and Jerry Taylor