School Plans 2021-22

Below are the links to each School District of Philadelphia school plan for the 2021-22 school year. These plans have been developed by school teams with assistance from central office programmatic support team members.

School NameDesignationNetworkSchool Plan Link
Paul Robeson High School for Human ServicesNon-designatedNetwork 1Click here
Motivation High SchoolA-TSI/TSINetwork 1Click here
High School for Creative and Performing ArtsNon-designatedNetwork 1Click here
Julia R. Masterman SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 1Click here
Franklin Learning CenterNon-designatedNetwork 1Click here
Girard Academic Music ProgramNon-designatedNetwork 1Click here
Academy at PalumboNon-designatedNetwork 1Click here
Constitution High SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 1Click here
High School of Engineering and ScienceNon-designatedNetwork 1Click here
Parkway Center City Middle College High SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 1Click here
William W. Bodine High SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 1Click here
Central High SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 1Click here
Walter B. Saul High SchoolA-TSINetwork 1Click here
Philadelphia High School for GirlsNon-designatedNetwork 1Click here
Widener Memorial SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 1Click here
Hill-Freedman World AcademyTSINetwork 1Click here
Lankenau High SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 1Click here
Northeast High SchoolA-TSI/TSINetwork 1Click here
Arts Academy at Benjamin RushNon-designatedNetwork 1Click here
Sadie Alexander SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 2Click here
Andrew Hamilton SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 2Click here
Henry C. Lea SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 2Click here
Samuel Powel SchoolTSINetwork 2Click here
Martha Washington SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 2Click here
Alain Locke SchoolTSINetwork 2Click here
Middle Years Alternative SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 2Click here
F. Amedee Bregy SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 2Click here
Stephen Girard SchoolTSINetwork 2Click here
Lewis C. Cassidy Academics Plus SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 2Click here
Samuel Gompers SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 2Click here
Robert E. Lamberton SchoolTSINetwork 2Click here
Overbrook Elementary SchoolTSINetwork 2Click here
Overbrook Educational CenterNon-designatedNetwork 2Click here
General George A. McCall SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 3Click here
William M. Meredith SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 3Click here
Robert Morris SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 3Click here
Albert M. Greenfield SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 3Click here
Laura W. Waring SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 3Click here
George W. Nebinger SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 3Click here
John H. Taggart SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 3Click here
Vare-Washington SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 3Click here
General George G. Meade SchoolTSINetwork 3Click here
Julia de Burgos SchoolTSINetwork 3Click here
Alexander Adaire SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 3Click here
James R. Ludlow SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 3Click here
John Moffet SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 3Click here
Isaac A. Sheppard SchoolTSINetwork 3Click here
General Philip Kearny SchoolTSINetwork 3Click here
Spring Garden SchoolA-TSINetwork 3Click here
Benjamin Franklin High SchoolCSINetwork 4Click here
Strawberry Mansion High SchoolCSINetwork 4Click here
Jules E. Mastbaum Area Vocational Technical High SchoolCSINetwork 4Click here
Parkway Northwest High SchoolCSINetwork 4Click here
Kensington High School for Creative and Performing ArtsCSINetwork 4Click here
Kensington Health Sciences AcademyCSINetwork 4Click here
Kensington High SchoolCSINetwork 4Click here
Roxborough High SchoolCSINetwork 4Click here
Martin Luther King High SchoolCSINetwork 4Click here
Frankford High SchoolCSINetwork 4Click here
Abraham Lincoln High SchoolCSINetwork 4Click here
George Washington High SchoolCSINetwork 4Click here
John Barry SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 5Click here
Morton McMichael SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 5Click here
S. Weir Mitchell SchoolTSINetwork 5Click here
Henry A. Brown SchoolTSINetwork 5Click here
Paul L. Dunbar SchoolTSINetwork 5Click here
Horatio B. Hackett SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 5Click here
John F. Hartranft SchoolTSINetwork 5Click here
William H. Hunter SchoolTSINetwork 5Click here
Richmond SchoolA-TSINetwork 5Click here
John Welsh SchoolTSINetwork 5Click here
Frances E. Willard SchoolTSINetwork 5Click here
Gloria Casarez Elementary SchoolTSINetwork 5Click here
John H. Webster SchoolTSINetwork 5Click here
Honorable Luis Munoz-Marin SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 5Click here
Juniata Park AcademyA-TSINetwork 5Click here
Francis Hopkinson SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 5Click here
Franklin S. Edmonds SchoolA-TSINetwork 6Click here
Eleanor C. Emlen SchoolA-TSINetwork 6Click here
Fitler Academics Plus SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 6Click here
Charles W. Henry SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 6Click here
Henry H. Houston SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 6Click here
Jenks Academy for Arts and SciencesNon-designatedNetwork 6Click here
James Logan SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 6Click here
John F. McCloskey SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 6Click here
Thomas Mifflin SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 6Click here
Samuel Pennypacker SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 6Click here
Shawmont SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 6Click here
Cook-Wissahickon SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 6Click here
Anna L. Lingelbach SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 6Click here
James Dobson SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 6Click here
John B. Kelly SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 6Click here
Academy for the Middle Years at NorthwestNon-designatedNetwork 6Click here
Thurgood Marshall SchoolTSINetwork 7Click here
Joseph Pennell SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 7Click here
Clara Barton SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 7Click here
Ellwood SchoolTSINetwork 7Click here
Thomas K. Finletter SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 7Click here
Benjamin Franklin SchoolTSINetwork 7Click here
Feltonville Intermediate SchoolTSINetwork 7Click here
Julia W. Howe SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 7Click here
James R. Lowell SchoolTSINetwork 7Click here
Andrew J. Morrison SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 7Click here
Olney SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 7Click here
Prince Hall SchoolTSINetwork 7Click here
Feltonville School of Arts and SciencesTSINetwork 7Click here
William Rowen SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 7Click here
Warren G. Harding SchoolA-TSI/TSINetwork 8Click here
Woodrow Wilson SchoolTSINetwork 8Click here
Baldi SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 8Click here
Kennedy C. Crossan SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 8Click here
Fox Chase SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 8Click here
J. Hampton Moore SchoolTSINetwork 8Click here
Solomon Solis-Cohen SchoolTSINetwork 8Click here
Rhawnhurst SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 8Click here
Watson Comly SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 8Click here
Louis H. Farrell SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 8Click here
A.L. Fitzpatrick SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 8Click here
Anne Frank SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 8Click here
Stephen Decatur SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 8Click here
Joseph Greenberg SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 8Click here
William H. Loesche SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 8Click here
John Hancock Demonstration SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 8Click here
Russell H. Conwell SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 9Click here
Laura H. Carnell SchoolTSINetwork 9Click here
Allen M. Stearne SchoolTSINetwork 9Click here
Henry W. Lawton SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 9Click here
William H. Ziegler SchoolA-TSINetwork 9Click here
Bridesburg SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 9Click here
Ethan Allen SchoolTSINetwork 9Click here
Joseph H. Brown SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 9Click here
Hamilton Disston SchoolTSINetwork 9Click here
Thomas Holme SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 9Click here
Mayfair SchoolA-TSI/TSINetwork 9Click here
Gilbert Spruance SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 9Click here
Robert B. Pollock SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 9Click here
William T. Tilden SchoolTSINetwork 10Click here
William C. Longstreth SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 10Click here
John M. Patterson SchoolTSINetwork 10Click here
Penrose SchoolA-TSI/TSINetwork 10Click here
D. Newlin Fell SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 10Click here
George W. Childs SchoolTSINetwork 10Click here
Edwin M. Stanton SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 10Click here
Chester A. Arthur SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 10Click here
Andrew Jackson SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 10Click here
Abram S. Jenks SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 10Click here
Francis S. Key SchoolTSINetwork 10Click here
Eliza B. Kirkbride SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 10Click here
George W. Sharswood SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 10Click here
Southwark SchoolTSINetwork 10Click here
Thomas G. Morton SchoolTSINetwork 11Click here
James G. Blaine SchoolTSINetwork 11Click here
William Dick SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 11Click here
Kenderton Elementary SchoolTSINetwork 11Click here
Thomas M. Peirce SchoolTSINetwork 11Click here
Tanner G. Duckrey SchoolTSINetwork 11Click here
Richard R. Wright SchoolNon-designatedNetwork 11Click here
Edward Gideon SchoolTSINetwork 11Click here
William D. Kelley SchoolTSINetwork 11Click here
Lewis Elkin SchoolTSINetwork 11Click here
William Cramp SchoolTSINetwork 11Click here
Cayuga SchoolTSINetwork 11Click here
Alexander K. McClure SchoolTSINetwork 11Click here
Bayard Taylor SchoolTSINetwork 11Click here
Mary M. Bethune SchoolTSINetwork 11Click here
Joseph W. Catharine SchoolCSINetwork 12Click here
Benjamin B. Comegys SchoolCSINetwork 12Click here
Avery D. Harrington SchoolCSINetwork 12Click here
Bache-Martin SchoolCSINetwork 12Click here
William McKinley SchoolCSINetwork 12Click here
Alternative Middle Years at James MartinCSINetwork 12Click here
Anna B. Day SchoolCSINetwork 12Click here
General Louis Wagner SchoolCSINetwork 12Click here
Grover Washington, Jr. SchoolCSINetwork 12Click here
Austin Meehan SchoolCSINetwork 12Click here
Edwin Forrest SchoolCSINetwork 12Click here
John Bartram High SchoolCSINetwork 13Click here
West Philadelphia High SchoolCSINetwork 13Click here
William L. Sayre High SchoolCSINetwork 13Click here
South Philadelphia High SchoolCSINetwork 13Click here
Furness High SchoolCSINetwork 13Click here
Overbrook High SchoolCSINetwork 13Click here
Murrell Dobbins Career and Technical High SchoolCSINetwork 13Click here
Thomas A. Edison High SchoolCSINetwork 13Click here
Parkway West High SchoolTSINetwork 13Click here
A. Philip Randolph Career and Technical High SchoolCSINetwork 13Click here
Samuel Fels High SchoolCSINetwork 13Click here
Swenson Arts and Technology High SchoolA-TSI/TSINetwork 13Click here
William C. Bryant SchoolTSIAccelerationClick here
James Rhoads SchoolNon-designatedAccelerationClick here
Add B. Anderson SchoolA-TSI/TSIAccelerationClick here
Rudolph Blankenburg SchoolTSIAccelerationClick here
Delaplaine McDaniel SchoolTSIAccelerationClick here
Edward Heston SchoolCSIAccelerationClick here
E. Washington Rhodes SchoolCSIAccelerationClick here
Dr. Ethel Allen SchoolTSIAccelerationClick here
Potter-Thomas SchoolTSIAccelerationClick here
Theodore Roosevelt SchoolA-TSI/TSIAccelerationClick here
Edward T. Steel SchoolCSIAccelerationClick here
Jay Cooke SchoolTSIAccelerationClick here
John Marshall SchoolTSIAccelerationClick here
James J. Sullivan SchoolA-TSI/TSIAccelerationClick here
Roberto Clemente SchoolCSIAccelerationClick here
High School of the FutureCSIInnovationClick here
Science Leadership Academy Middle SchoolNon-designatedInnovationClick here
Phila. Juv. Justice Services Ctr. SchoolNon-designatedInnovationClick here
Science Leadership AcademyNon-designatedInnovationClick here
The Science Leadership Academy at BeeberNon-designatedInnovationClick here
Crossroads at Hunting ParkNon-designatedInnovationClick here
Philadelphia Military AcademyNon-designatedInnovationClick here
Penn Treaty High SchoolA-TSI/TSIInnovationClick here
Vaux High School: A Big PictureNon-designatedInnovationClick here
Building 21CSIInnovationClick here
The U SchoolCSIInnovationClick here
The LINCCSIInnovationClick here
Philadelphia Learning Academy SouthNon-designatedInnovationClick here
Philadelphia Learning Academy NorthNon-designatedInnovationClick here
Pennypack House SchoolNon-designatedInnovationClick here
The Workshop SchoolCSIInnovationClick here
Crossroads Accelerated AcademyNon-designatedInnovationClick here
Philadelphia Virtual AcademyCSIInnovationClick here