504 Policy Updates

Non-Discrimination Notice Updates

The School District of Philadelphia Policy, 103.1 NonDiscrimination-Qualified Students with Disabilities/Protected Handicapped Students. Students with Disabilities. Pursuant to that policy, our Administration has created grievance procedures that provide for the prompt resolution of complaints alleging any prohibited actions under the policy.

The policy outlines the district’s commitment to ensuring all individuals have equal access to
education in this district regardless of race, color, age, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation,
ancestry, national origin or handicap/disability, gender identity, or genetic information. The
policy also requires the district to provide academic and nonacademic services and programs
equally to students with and without disabilities.

Any student, as well as parents and third parties, who believe that they have been subject to
conduct that violates this policy may file a complaint following the administrative procedures.
Please immediately report the incident to the District’s Section 504/Chapter 15 Coordinator listed
below. The complainant is encouraged to use the report form available.

Anyone who receives a verbal complaint should refer the student, parent, or third party to the
Section 504/Chapter 15 Coordinator and notify the Section 504/Chapter 15 Coordinator in
writing as soon as possible.

You can find a permanent copy of the policy on the SRC’s Board Policies page here:

Non discrimination for Qualified Students with Disabilities/Protected Handicapped Students