It starts with prevention

Prevention starts with compassionate relationships in a school environment where all feel safe, positive, cared for and valued.  This is a learning environment.  This is where students can best succeed.

Every student can reach their potential. All students are unique and have different strengths, needs and circumstances.  Teaching to the whole child by honoring these differences and playing to each individual’s abilities, helps students feel encouraged, open and confident – all traits that are needed for learning.

All behavior in children and youth is a communication of what the child needs or wants.  Children communicate their needs through behaviors when they do not know how to more appropriately express them through words.   Knowing the reason behind the behaviors is the first step to learning how to help students get their needs met in more appropriate ways.  Behavioral interventions are merely ways to help a student identify what they are trying to communicate and how to communicate it more effectively or appropriately.  This is what the school counselor is trained to understand and what the Office of Prevention and Intervention helps support through technical consultation, training and coaching.  This consultation and training focuses on evidence-based and best-practices for behavior assessment, interventions and progress monitoring and school-wide trauma-informed practices and strategies.