Level II Certification for Counselors and Psychologists

Information on Registering for Induction to Obtain your Educational Specialist Level II Certification

School Counselor and School Psychologists hold an Educational Specialist certification.  The Education Specialist certification is issued to a person whose primary responsibility is to render professional service other than classroom teaching.

Level I to Level II Certification:

Level I Educational Specialist certifications are valid for six (6) years of service, not calendar years.    If you have been serving as a School Counselor or School Psychologist in Pennsylvania on a Level I certificate for 3-6 years of satisfactory service and hold a Master’s degrees (or have earned 24 post-baccalaureate credits), you can apply for a Level II certificate.  You must first complete a Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) induction program verified by the chief school administrator of your employing entity. After completion of the induction course,

School District of Philadelphia Induction Program for School Counselors and School Psychologists:

The Office of Prevention & Intervention and  the Office of Specialized Services at the School District of Philadelphia, provide a PDE-approved, combined School Counselor/School Psychologist induction program.  This course provides 1.0 graduate school level credit and offers 15 hours of classroom and 15 hours of online learning.  The course runs one time per school calendar year, and is held monthly from the fall through the spring semesters.   Registration is open based on closest Level I expiration date.  Upon completion of the full course, participants receive a certificate of completion  for submission with their Level II certification application to PDE.  You can find the instructions for registering for the induction course and the link to PDE to apply for the level II certification on the blue side bar.