Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS)

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS), formerly known as “Wraparound,” provides therapeutic individual and family support for children in the settings where they experience behavioral difficulty, whether in the home, school, or community.  The goal of BHRS is to help the family and school create a positive, supportive, and stable environment that will enable the child to develop positive behavior management strategies that will allow them to reach their full personal and academic potential.

Important things to know about BHRS:
It is a short-term, intensive behavioral service designed to improve the lives of students with complex psychological or behavioral needs.
It aims to stabilize children in their environments, and transfer skills to caregivers and school staff, so that services remain in place only as long as they are needed
Helps families connect to various services that will help to increase family stability while also managing the child’s behavioral challenges within the context of the home, school, and community.
In order to qualify for BHRS, a child must:
Be younger than 21 years old
Have a diagnosis from a Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Psychiatrist or Developmental Pediatrician
Qualify for Medical Assistance (MA).  If not currently receiving MA, the child may still qualify for MA regardless of family income.  The school counselor can assist the family in navigating this procedure.
Exhibit medical necessity for an intensive behavioral health service as determined by a Licensed Psychologist or Psychiatrist, and as authorized by Community Behavioral Health