Some children need closer monitoring and support for their behavioral health concerns that can be provided in a partial hospital setting or an inpatient hospital setting.

Partial Hospitalizations: 

  • Students attend a partial hospital program during the school day (9:00am-3:00pm) and transportation from the program is provided.
  • The usual length of partial hospitalization is 20 days, and placement in a partial hospitalization program does not count as school absences.
  • Treatment at the partial program focuses on group interventions, individual and family sessions, and access to a psychiatrist is provided.
  • The program collaborates closely with the school to ensure as much learning as possible, but the main goal is to stabilize the student and return them to school with increased coping strategies.
  • The partial program works closely with school counselors and school staff before the student is discharged and returns to school, to transition the student and transfer the skills back to the school that help the student’s success.
  • The School District of Philadelphia contracts with partial treatment program of Children’s Crisis Treatment Center.

Inpatient Hospitalizations: 

  • Recommendation is made for inpatient by a Licensed Medical Professional (Psychiatrist, Medical Doctor, Psychologist)
  • Does not count as school absences and collaboration will occur between the provider and school counselor
  • Occurs in the event of an acute behavioral and mental health crisis

Parents, it is important to immediately notify your school counselor as soon as your child begins a partial or inpatient hospitalization program, so that the student can get coded appropriately to avoid getting marked absent.