Student Assistance Program (SAP)

The Student Assistance SAP is an early intervention program that can help identify and treat behavioral health issues that affect a student's school success.

A SAP team is made up of school and agency staff who are available to assist parents in accessing school and community services for your child, including behavioral health and substance abuse. During the past year, over 1000 students received SAP services.

  • In Pennsylvania, every school district is required to have a plan for identifying and assisting students who experience barriers to learning.
  • All schools are assigned a specific SAP provider based upon School District Learning Network.

In order to receive SAP services, a teacher, school personnel or a student issues a referral or self-referral to initiate the process, and a parent is notified once it is approved. A SAP assessor will meet with the student and parent(s) or guardian(s), and a behavioral health assessment is completed, after which the assessor will make the appropriate connections for services that are available.