It is the mission of the Department of Printing Services to exceed all expectations from our valued customers. We will continue to strive to provide outstanding service that is obtainable at an affordable rate and executed in both a professional and timely manner. We recognize the critical role we play in offering our valued customers the support they need to meet the demands of their professional responsibilities and will continue to make every effort to ensure they are met. Here at the Print Shop, we pride ourselves on the positive relationships we have developed and the amount of support and gracious feedback we receive from our valued customers, knowing we have provided them with high-quality products and services.


It is our vision to become more recognized as a fully operational Print Shop that can serve as a true point of reference of exceptional service throughout the Philadelphia School District and moreover, across the entire city. In short, our main goals are to continue to evolve into a diversely skilled department, improve the level of ease in customers placing their job requests, and expand our lists of products and services.