Penn GSE Program

The SDP-PennGSE Film Program is connected to a graduate level course series called Ethnographic Filmmaking (EDUC 586.401) Parts 1 and 2 offered by Penn’s Graduate School of Education. The course in which Penn students are taught ethnographic research methods and filmmaking. Teams of PennGSE Film students visit selected Philadelphia high school to get to know the students, teachers and school community and, just as importantly, for them to get to know us. Over the Spring semester, our students, ideally in collaboration with high school students, produce a short film (research, write, shoot, edit and deliver) by end of school year. The students decide what film they want to make supported by the PennGSE Films teaching team. Program is – Sponsored by the CIO and the Districts Deputy of Research is directly involved with this and other Penn GSE initiatives.


September 2018 Pennsylvania Gazette magazine

Videos produced by PENN GSE 2018/2019

Sayre High School

The Workshop School

CAPA Strawberry Shakes

SDP -PennGSE Final Films

Making of Strawberry Shakes


Videos produced by PENN GSE 2017/2018

Sayre High School

The Workshop School

Carver HSES Y2