Programs & Services


PSTV provides educational program services and opportunities for ALL students enrolled in a school in Philadelphia. 

  1. PSTV Workshop Series – Are you an educator looking to provide your students access to hands on multimedia opportunities that enhance your current curriculum.  Check out our offerings that can be customized to your needs. Click here to sign up.
  2. PSTV Tours – Looking for opportunities to expose your students to a professional state of the art studio.  You can bring your students by or we can create 1/2 day and full day opportunities. Click here to sign up.
  3. Students interested in pursing a career in Media can check out our CTE Communications Cluster, a CTE program that includes three years of instruction beginning in 10th grade. The Communications Cluster consists of 3 career tracks for students to chose from: Digital Media; Film & Video Production (Television and Video Production); and Graphic Design. These programs prepare students to pursue full-time employment in the industry or post-secondary education after graduation.
  4. PSTV in partnership with CTE provides media-based, professional development workshop opportunities to CTE Communication Cluster students in the area of Film & Video (CIP 50.0602) and Digital Media (CIP 10.9999) production, in order to assist in meeting CIP code competency requirements, prepare them for NOCTI exams, industry certifications, TSA competitions, as well as developing essential 21st Century skills. Click here to sign up.

PSTV Services

PSTV gets many calls to do production services, however this is not work we do.  PSTV does provide students extra curricular options to take on projects that have been sent our way, and are used to add to their portfolios. Please keep in mind all projects produced through PSTV are by students who have an interest in the provided project. The form you will fill out does not guarantee that your project will be selected. Once we have received your request we will review, and have a discussion with you and your team about the process and how we will reach out to students and see if there is an interest in your project.  PROJECT REQUEST FORM CLICK HERE