Welcome to the QITE Program!

QITE (like Ben Franklin’s “kite”) is the name of the implementation project of a new top-tier Oracle business system being designed and developed to replace the Advantage Finance, HR, and Payroll systems that manage day to day business operations across the School District of Philadelphia.

QITE is an acronym that stands for Quantum Intelligence & Technology Enterprise. This name emphasizes the role the system will play in providing leaders at all levels within the SDP with greater efficiencies and enhanced process effectiveness. QITE will also allow you to provide your data and reports in a fraction of the time, as well as allow users to enter, manage, and view their own personal information.

We have a great team of talented and hard-working people involved on this big District-wide change. Go to our About, Features, and  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages to know more about this program.

And a big thank you to teacher Heather La Pera, the artist behind the Ben Franklin QITE art on this website!

Let’s fly together on this QITE journey!