On this page you’ll find all important dates and events for the Office of Research and Evaluation. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Important Dates and Events

May 5, 2020May Research Forum*
May 8, 2020May Research Review Deadline**
May 25, 2020Offices Closed
June 2, 2020June Research Forum*
June 5, 2020June Research Review Deadline**
July 4, 2020Offices Closed
July 7, 2020July Research Forum*
July 10, 2020July Research Review Deadline**
August 4, 2020August Research Forum*
August 7, 2020August Research Review Deadline**
September 1, 2020September Research Forum*
September 4, 2020September Research Review Deadline**
September 7, 2020Offices Closed
October 6, 2020October Research Forum*
October 9, 2020October Research Review Deadline**
November 3, 2020November Research Forum*
November 6, 2020November Research Review Deadline**
November 11, 2020Offices Closed
November 26-27, 2020Offices Closed
December 1, 2020December Research Forum*
December 4, 2020December Research Review Deadline**
December 25, 2020Offices Closed

*For more information about Research Forums, please visit our Research Forum page.

**For more information about our Research Review Committee and its processes, please visit our External Research Review page.