On this page you’ll find all important dates and events for the Office of Research and Evaluation. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Important Dates & Events

August 6, 2019August Research Forum*
August 9, 2019August Research Review Deadline**
September 2, 2019Offices Closed
September 3, 2019September Research Forum*
September 6, 2019September Research Review Deadline**
September 30, 2019Offices Closed
October 1, 2019October Research Forum*
October 4, 2019October Research Review Deadline**
October 9, 2019 Offices Closed
November 5, 2019November Research Forum*
November 8, 2019November Research Review Deadline**
November 11, 2019Offices Closed
November 28-29, 2019Offices Closed
December 3, 2019December Research Forum*
December 6, 2019December Research Review Deadline**
December 25, 2019Offices Closed
January 1, 2020Offices Closed


*For more information about Research Forums, please visit our Research Forum page.

**For more information about our Research Review Committee and its processes, please visit our External Research Review page.