Parent & Guardian School Snapshots

Each year, thousands of parents and guardians complete the District-wide survey (DWS). Many of the questions on the survey are directly aligned to the District’s Parent & Family Engagement Policy. These school-level snapshots include survey responses from five of these questions. Two questions ask about school-community relationships and three about how parents and guardians feel about school communication. See what parents and guardians had to say about schools in 2017-2018!

In order to locate the Parent & Guardian School Snapshot for a specific school, please type the school name into the search box at the top right of the table. You can also search for specific School IDs, filter by Learning Network, and sort the table by clicking on any of the column headers.

To see all DWS results, use our interactive data tool.

Please note: schools may not have a Snapshot if there were not enough parent/guardian responses.

IDSchool NameCurrent Learning NetworkSchool Year
105Paul Robeson High School for Human ServicesNetwork 1SY 2017-18
120John Barry SchoolAccelerationSY 2017-18
123William C. Bryant SchoolAccelerationSY 2017-18
125Joseph W. Catharine SchoolNetwork 12SY 2017-18
126Benjamin B. Comegys SchoolNetwork 10SY 2017-18
128Sadie Alexander SchoolNetwork 2SY 2017-18
130Avery D. Harrington SchoolNetwork 2SY 2017-18
136Morton McMichael SchoolAccelerationSY 2017-18
137S. Weir Mitchell SchoolAccelerationSY 2017-18
138Thomas G. Morton SchoolNetwork 12SY 2017-18
139Samuel Powel SchoolNetwork 2SY 2017-18
140John M. Patterson SchoolNetwork 10SY 2017-18
142Martha Washington SchoolNetwork 2SY 2017-18
149Rudolph Blankenburg SchoolAccelerationSY 2017-18
158Middle Years Alternative SchoolNetwork 2SY 2017-18
200South Philadelphia High SchoolNetwork 13SY 2017-18
202High School for Creative and Performing Arts SchoolNetwork 1SY 2017-18
205Science Leadership Academy Middle SchoolInnovationSY 2017-18
214Julia R. Masterman SchoolNetwork 1SY 2017-18
216Furness High SchoolNetwork 13SY 2017-18
219D. Newlin Fell SchoolNetwork 10SY 2017-18
221Bache-Martin SchoolNetwork 3SY 2017-18
226George W. Childs SchoolNetwork 12SY 2017-18
229Franklin Learning CenterNetwork 3SY 2017-18
232Stephen Girard SchoolNetwork 12SY 2017-18
234General George A. McCall SchoolNetwork 3SY 2017-18
237Delaplaine McDaniel SchoolNetwork 12SY 2017-18
238William M. Meredith SchoolNetwork 3SY 2017-18
239Robert Morris SchoolNetwork 3SY 2017-18
241Girard Academic Music ProgramNetwork 1SY 2017-18
245Edwin M. Stanton SchoolNetwork 12SY 2017-18
247Albert M. Greenfield SchoolNetwork 3SY 2017-18
248Chester A. Arthur SchoolNetwork 12SY 2017-18
249Laura W. Waring SchoolNetwork 3SY 2017-18
251Andrew Jackson SchoolNetwork 10SY 2017-18
252Abram S. Jenks SchoolNetwork 10SY 2017-18
254Francis S. Key SchoolNetwork 12SY 2017-18
258Eliza B. Kirkbride SchoolNetwork 10SY 2017-18
262Academy at PalumboNetwork 1SY 2017-18
263George W. Sharswood SchoolNetwork 10SY 2017-18
264Southwark SchoolNetwork 10SY 2017-18
265Science Leadership AcademyInnovationSY 2017-18
388South Philadelphia High School EOPOpportunitySY 2017-18
403High School of Engineering and ScienceNetwork 4SY 2017-18
422James G. Blaine SchoolNetwork 11SY 2017-18
427William Dick SchoolNetwork 11SY 2017-18
428Samuel Gompers SchoolNetwork 2SY 2017-18
430Edward Heston SchoolAccelerationSY 2017-18
435E. Washington Rhodes SchoolAccelerationSY 2017-18
436Kenderton Elementary SchoolNetwork 11SY 2017-18
437Overbrook SchoolNetwork 2SY 2017-18
444Dr. Ethel Allen SchoolAccelerationSY 2017-18
447Richard R. Wright SchoolNetwork 4SY 2017-18
448Overbrook Educational CenterNetwork 2SY 2017-18
456William D. Kelley SchoolNetwork 4SY 2017-18
505Philadelphia Military AcademyNetwork 5SY 2017-18
507Parkway Northwest High SchoolNetwork 1SY 2017-18
515William W. Bodine High SchoolNetwork 1SY 2017-18
516Penn Treaty High SchoolNetwork 3SY 2017-18
520Alexander Adaire SchoolNetwork 3SY 2017-18
521Henry A. Brown SchoolNetwork 5SY 2017-18
523Russell H. Conwell SchoolNetwork 5SY 2017-18
525Paul L. Dunbar SchoolAccelerationSY 2017-18
526Lewis Elkin SchoolNetwork 11SY 2017-18
530Horatio B. Hackett SchoolNetwork 5SY 2017-18
532John F. Hartranft SchoolNetwork 5SY 2017-18
533William H. Hunter SchoolNetwork 5SY 2017-18
535William McKinley SchoolNetwork 5SY 2017-18
537John Moffet SchoolNetwork 3SY 2017-18
539Potter-Thomas SchoolAccelerationSY 2017-18
540Richmond SchoolNetwork 5SY 2017-18
541Isaac A. Sheppard SchoolNetwork 4SY 2017-18
542John Welsh SchoolNetwork 5SY 2017-18
547William Cramp SchoolNetwork 11SY 2017-18
548General Philip Kearny SchoolNetwork 3SY 2017-18
549Cayuga SchoolNetwork 11SY 2017-18
553Philip H. Sheridan SchoolNetwork 5SY 2017-18
555Kensington Health Sciences AcademyNetwork 5SY 2017-18
556Spring Garden SchoolNetwork 3SY 2017-18
559John H. Webster SchoolNetwork 5SY 2017-18
561Building 21InnovationSY 2017-18
568Honorable Luis Munoz-Marin SchoolAccelerationSY 2017-18
601Central High SchoolNetwork 1SY 2017-18
604Walter B. Saul High SchoolNetwork 4SY 2017-18
605Philadelphia High School for GirlsNetwork 1SY 2017-18
606Martin Luther King High SchoolNetwork 11SY 2017-18
620Anna B. Day SchoolNetwork 6SY 2017-18
621Franklin S. Edmonds SchoolNetwork 6SY 2017-18
622Eleanor C. Emlen SchoolNetwork 6SY 2017-18
623Fitler Academics Plus SchoolNetwork 6SY 2017-18
625Charles W. Henry SchoolNetwork 6SY 2017-18
627Jenks Academy for Arts and SciencesNetwork 6SY 2017-18
630James Logan SchoolNetwork 6SY 2017-18
632Thomas Mifflin SchoolNetwork 6SY 2017-18
634Joseph Pennell SchoolNetwork 7SY 2017-18
635Samuel Pennypacker SchoolNetwork 6SY 2017-18
636Theodore Roosevelt SchoolAccelerationSY 2017-18
644Anna L. Lingelbach SchoolNetwork 6SY 2017-18
645James Dobson SchoolNetwork 6SY 2017-18
647John B. Kelly SchoolNetwork 6SY 2017-18
654Lankenau High SchoolNetwork 4SY 2017-18
701Frankford High SchoolNetwork 8SY 2017-18
710Jay Cooke SchoolAccelerationSY 2017-18
712Samuel Fels High SchoolNetwork 13SY 2017-18
715Juniata Park AcademyNetwork 5SY 2017-18
720Clara Barton SchoolNetwork 7SY 2017-18
722Laura H. Carnell SchoolNetwork 7SY 2017-18
726Ellwood SchoolNetwork 7SY 2017-18
729Allen M. Stearne SchoolNetwork 9SY 2017-18
730Francis Hopkinson SchoolNetwork 5SY 2017-18
731Feltonville Intermediate SchoolNetwork 7SY 2017-18
733Henry W. Lawton SchoolNetwork 9SY 2017-18
736John Marshall SchoolAccelerationSY 2017-18
737Grover Washington, Jr. SchoolNetwork 7SY 2017-18
738Alexander K. McClure SchoolNetwork 11SY 2017-18
739Andrew J. Morrison SchoolNetwork 7SY 2017-18
740Olney SchoolNetwork 7SY 2017-18
744Bayard Taylor SchoolNetwork 11SY 2017-18
746William H. Ziegler SchoolNetwork 9SY 2017-18
747Bridesburg SchoolNetwork 9SY 2017-18
749Prince Hall SchoolNetwork 7SY 2017-18
750Feltonville School of Arts and SciencesNetwork 7SY 2017-18
751Mary M. Bethune SchoolNetwork 4SY 2017-18
773Roberto Clemente SchoolAccelerationSY 2017-18
803George Washington High SchoolNetwork 8SY 2017-18
809Swenson Arts and Technology High SchoolNetwork 4SY 2017-18
816Baldi Middle SchoolNetwork 8SY 2017-18
823Kennedy C. Crossan SchoolNetwork 8SY 2017-18
826Fox Chase SchoolNetwork 8SY 2017-18
831J. Hampton Moore SchoolNetwork 8SY 2017-18
834Solomon Solis-Cohen SchoolNetwork 8SY 2017-18
835Gilbert Spruance SchoolNetwork 9SY 2017-18
837Watson Comly SchoolNetwork 8SY 2017-18
838Louis H. Farrell SchoolNetwork 8SY 2017-18
840Anne Frank SchoolNetwork 8SY 2017-18
842Stephen Decatur SchoolNetwork 8SY 2017-18
843Joseph Greenberg SchoolNetwork 8SY 2017-18
844William H. Loesche SchoolNetwork 8SY 2017-18
877John Hancock Demonstration SchoolNetwork 8SY 2017-18