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The Board of Education includes two non-voting student representatives who serve in an advisory capacity to represent the interests of students in Philadelphia. The student board members represent their peers by communicating student opinions to the School Board, and reporting Board deliberations and actions to the student body.

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Toluwanimi Olaleye

A junior at Carver Engineering and Science, described as passionate and determined, loves biology and is an aspiring pediatric oncologist. She currently participates in the Junior Fellows Program, hosted by the Philadelphia College of Physicians, for students interested in careers in healthcare and medicine. Toluwanimi, who received Carver’s Freshman of the Year Award in 2019, hopes to begin her college journey at Johns Hopkins University.

Toluwanimi believes the environment, opportunities and community at her school are a true blessing, and she would like to share them with younger students at neighboring elementary and middle schools, so they are aware of the academic opportunities nearby. As a Student Board Representative, determined to make the world a better place, she would like to help increase mental health awareness within schools and support the next generation of students.

Keylisha Diaz

A junior at Philadelphia Military Academy, is a natural leader who, as a Student Board Representative, wants to be a voice for all students across the district to improve their educational experience. Keylisha, described as determined and selfless, already has experience advocating for students in her roles as President of Student Government and Vice President of the Gay Straight Alliance at her school. She is also an Army JROTC staff sergeant, with six Army JROTC ribbons, and a National Honor Society member.

In her role as a Student Board Rep, Keylisha plans to share the views and needs of the District’s students with Board Members to improve the student experience. “I believe constructive criticism is important in making needed changes and moving forward,” Keylisha says. “I will give it everything I have to ensure that Board Members hear the student voice.”

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