Action Item Review Process

Submit your questions & comments on this month's Action Items!

Each month the Board of Education meets to consider and vote on Action Items at their scheduled Board meeting.

Some examples of Action Items include Board policies, capital and operational budgets, charter school authorizing, employment of School District employees, contracts with vendors, acceptance of grants, gifts, or donations, ratification of contracts, and more.

Details of each Action Item are posted with the agenda of each Board Meeting generally 3 weeks in advance of that month’s meeting. Questions or comments on Action Items can be submitted by members of the public using the form below up to a week after the Action Items are posted. 

On the Monday before each meeting, responses to a representative sample of questions will be shared as part of the meeting agenda.

For support with translation services, please reach out to the Office of the Board of Education by emailing or calling 215-400-4010.