Board Committees

The Board of Education has established the following committees to assist in governance of the School District of Philadelphia. All committee meetings are open to the public and meeting materials are available on each of their webpages. More information on Board committees can be found in Board Policy 004.1 School Board Committees.

As a committee to the Board of Education, the Finance and Facilities Committee shall serve to oversee strong stewardship of the District’s finances and operations in service of protecting its core mission of educating Philadelphia’s students. In fulfilling its oversight responsibilities, the committee shall build confidence in the management of public funds by communicating its priorities and educating the public on the financial position and outlook of the District.

Authority & Responsibilities:

  • Meets monthly during the school year;
  • Receives quarterly reports or briefings on District finances;
  • Receives the annual presentation of the Lump Sum Budget;
  • Reviews and recommends budget priorities and District spending; and
  • Reviews and recommends items for approval related to the District’s Capital Improvement Plan.

As a committee to the Board of Education, the Student Achievement and Support Committee shall provide governance oversight of the District’s educational and academic programs, student achievement, performance, progress and student support services.

Authority & Responsibilities:

  • Meets monthly during the school year;
  • Receives updates on outcomes data as related to the District’s progress on its Anchor Goals and District-wide student achievement data;
  • Discusses and recommends investments that support schools and classrooms;
  • Reviews changes to state and federal legislation as they impact the District’s educational programming (ESSA, Perkins, Title I, etc.); and
  • Provides a forum for informing the Board and community (through staff presentations and discussion) about District programs and practices and charter school authorizing.

The Board of Education of the City of Philadelphia has constituted and appointed a Policy Committee. This Policy Committee will provide governance oversight of the District’s existing and any proposed policies established by and pursuant to applicable laws and regulations as well as coordination and reconciliation of existing or any proposed policies among any other committees of the Board.

Authority & Responsibilities:

  • Meet quarterly during the school year;
  • Setting and publishing meeting dates for the Committee;
  • Reviewing and recommending policies for consideration by the Board;
  • Reviewing and reconciling any existing and proposed policies originating or functionally deriving from and among any and all committees of the Board;
  • Providing reports to the Board, as necessary or as requested by the Board; and
  • Performing additional duties as assigned by the Board.