District Partnerships & Community Engagement

Board Committees are an opportunity for Board Members to engage in public dialogue and establish, review, analyze, and discuss policy recommendations prior to consideration by the full Board.

Mission & Purpose

The Board of Education of the City of Philadelphia has constituted and appointed a District Partnership and Community Engagement Committee. This Committee will provide governance oversight of the District’s programs and activities for community engagement and partnerships towards fulfillment of the District’s mission. In addition, the Committee shall seek to provide to the community a platform for active engagement and shared voice regarding relevant partnerships managed by the District.

  • Meet quarterly during the school year;

  • Establish the Parent and Community Advisory Council, as outlined in the Philadelphia Home Rule Charter;

  • Hold at least two public hearings each school year for the specific purpose of considering all school issues or school problems of public interest; and

  • Meet with community partners in various neighborhoods across the school district to discuss new and established partnerships that benefit students and schools.

Julia Danzy, Co-Chair

Mallory Fix Lopez, Co-Chair

Leticia Egea-Hinton, Member

Dr. Maria McColgan, Member

Dr. Angela McIver, Member

All meetings of the District Partnership and Community Engagement Committee are open to the public. These meetings will be held across various communities in Philadelphia during the school year. Each meeting will include opportunities for public participation.

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